Innovative Apartment Group has created a seamless program offering an equal housing resource that assists families in need with a fast, easy, and secure safe Apartment and a pathway to Financial Fitness and the American Dream.

Building Community Value


We compliment and collaborate together with community leaders to improve local fulfillment services. The catalyst group assists those in need of alternative aid and sponsorship programs when looking for an apartment home.

The main purpose is to simplify the processes for all members of the community that are contributing factors to the way we serve those in need.


• Local Merchants
• Health & Fitness Centers
• Community Events
• Perks, Deals, and Rewards
• Local Shopping
• Influencers, Coaches, Lifestyles

Serving Apartment Communities, Restaurants, and Retail Shops within a private social member network where community residents are directly connected to Merchants, Lifestyles, and Local Shopping.

Make better choices by joining the LiveIAG network!

We have been serving the apartment communities, hospitality and property management industries 25+ years.
• Well versed provider building partnerships, sales teams leading software product & service initiatives.
• Great digital interaction – UX – fast favorites and merchant directories.
• Invest in Private Social Groups and build your own vertical. It’s time to Sort through Social and Get Real Work Done.
• Sharing Knowledge Transfer for Personal Development
• Promotion of Individual Brands within a CMS.
• Direct consumer sales, events and activity channels

Contains direct access to VIP Programs, Special Promotions available through Community Member Packages. Contains Digital Tools for Apartment Managers and their Residents.



Residents are directly connected to local merchants who receive greater value through automated fulfillment services converting community residents to loyal raving fans.


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, and Value. “They are the best landlords ever they are very professional they call or email in a timely manner they are so easy to communicate with I just love this company” ❤️😇

– Maria