Innovative Apartment Group has created a seamless program offering an equal housing resource that assists families in need with a fast, easy, and secure safe Apartment and a pathway to Financial Fitness and the American Dream.

This training course is designed to help reduce stigma in the community, by creating advocates; people willing to become better informed, understand appropriate information, and share access to local services on mental health.

“A mental health advocate is anyone who is a voice for those suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other disorder – who hopes to disseminate a message of hope and support.”

Theresa Barchard

  • This Mental Health training contains a variety of learning goals.
  • Select each box as you read through these goals before moving forward:
  • Concise and focused overview of Mental Health and Mental Health issues
  • Explanation of mental health issues, behavioral health treatments, and description of professional providers
  • Clear structured information and proper language to follow   
  • Local Mental Health crisis resources provided
  • Course designed by professional, emotionally intelligent, equity-minded individuals
  • Certification of Completion

Click to Enroll in the Self Directed Community Of Hearts Advocate Online Training Course.

(Approx. 2 hrs.)