Innovative Apartment Group has created a seamless program offering an equal housing resource that assists families in need with a fast, easy, and secure safe Apartment and a pathway to Financial Fitness and the American Dream.

Denied Housing Because of Credit?
We May Be Able to Help You Rent an Apartment Home!

You Tell us where you want to live any where in Michigan!

You might have an apartment you like and have been denied because of credit or you need help to find Your Next Place to Love for you and your family.


Step 1

First step is to Schedule a $0 Pre-Screening call with a representative that will answer your questions and introduce the next steps that can place you in a safe place located where you want to live.

Step 2

After you have spoken with a representative and received the answers to your questions please Discover the Right Apartment Community in your area that you are seeking to live. By clicking the link above we will provide the following page with links to the approved properties.

Step 3

As you review the approved apartment communities you can Review Monthly Rent and Financial Planning Ideas and Discover Your Move-n Budget.

Step 4

Once you have found your Ideal Property Selections, you can fill out a short $0 Pre-Application survey and then can be pre-approved through the Underwriting, and Approval Process as long as you meet the application criteria.

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