Innovative Apartment Group has created a seamless program offering an equal housing resource that assists families in need with a fast, easy, and secure safe Apartment and a pathway to Financial Fitness and the American Dream.


Click on the button below that best fits your monthly budget for rent.

Take your total household income and divide it by 4 for a monthly rent budget amount. Of course this depends on other areas of spending and how budgeted expenses are managed.

Innovative Apartment Group works with different community organizations to promote and provide an affordable Wellness program. In today’s economy the current fees include a 15% Administration Monthly Fee and a one time Lease Liability Fee of $999.00 Paid Annually or is Payable in 3 installments of $399.00. This program fee is valid for one year.

Moving into a new space is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking, You want everything to be perfect, from the location and the layout to the amenities and, of course, the overall price. But before finding your dream apartment and signing a contract, there are a handful of crucial questions you must answer. Can you really afford it? Is there a hidden fee for Fido? Is it close enough to work or school?

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7 Steps for Choosing Your Dream Apartment