Innovative Apartment Group (IAG) My Hot Perks a membership incentive application that offers solutions for Building Community Value.

My Hot Perks is a community outreach program that connects local businesses together on a collaborative platform. It is your own private branded community incentive program for your members.



Community Engagement

As a member of your community or organization it connects and offers your members local shopping incentives. As a merchant or business, you are able to analyze, reward, and communicate special custom perks with any community.

Reach your target audience and connect to member services directly with the right resource.

With My Hot Perks, you can offer an array of great savings and array of great deals, like free memberships and admissions to health clubs and nearby fitness centers, vouchers for free or discounted meals at nearby restaurants, movie discounts, and other exclusive deals with local merchants.

New & Repeat Local Sales

When your business participates in My Hot Perks program, the deals you offer are practically guaranteed to bring new customers into your business, customers that can go on to become a source of repeat sales for your business.

Opportunity to create and share weekly events & social gatherings. Advertise your private specials on your branded community incentive program. Let the MAGIC happen with automating your fulfillment services. Serve your needs and the needs of others with My Hot Perks!

Offer Great Value to Resident Members

My Hot Perks are great value-added deals that you can offer to your current resident members and to prospective new resident members who are considering your community or organization to join. A great incentive to join your community!


Expand Your Local Reach

Create great perks that will help drive in new customers to your business. These are people who live and work in and around your community and can become repeat customers.

Onboard New Raving Fans to your Loyalty Programs Seamlessly Across the Network!

Easily Manage Your Perks

The deals you offer through My Hot Perks are easy to manage right online! Check how many are being used and what are the most popular deals among your resident members. Set time limits and expiration dates. You control everything!

Put Enticing Membership Incentives Right in the Hands of Your Market!

Your perks will provide real value that customers will recognize easily. They’ll want to take advantage of the savings you offer when your deals are irresistible, bringing you new business and more repeat customers. My Hot Perks are easy to carry everywhere and easily verifiable.

We handle everything—just apply the codes at the register like you normally would for any comp or payment.

When you participate in My Hot Perks, you’ll expand your brand’s visibility, drive new customers into your doors, and grow your base of repeat customers! We’ll show you how to create vivid imagery & compelling text so that your deals are irresistible.


Easily offer significant benefits to your resident members simply for choosing to live in your community.

Everyone wants to save money, and everyone loves a great deal, including your apartment resident members. And they’ll love receiving My Hot Perks just by choosing to live and be a resident member in your community today!

Easily upload and update your resident member opt-in lists

Our tools make it fast and easy to maintain and communicate during time of redemption. From the start, to the updates, to your access codes, simply upload a CSV with a few details to get started! Automatically handle renewals and lease end, automatically send easy setup and password reset instructions to your resident members

Market your property locally and abroad as we offer this across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

We’ll introduce your property to people looking for an apartment in your community, and with our property finder, you’ll also be introduced to people on a much wider scale who are looking for an apartment throughout our entire network of resident member services.


Did you know we are a network of cooperating businesses?

Any membership community, apartment or rental complex can become a part of our ever-expanding network of cooperating businesses simply by signing up. We offer all sorts of categories and discounts for our venues of raving bands, social zones, upscale restaurants, stores, movie theatres, fitness centers, and more! Our service is FREE to offer to residents and members, so if your community membership doesn’t offer My Hot Perks, let your community manager know about us today!

By joining, you’ll gain access to THOUSANDS of local savings & deals

The businesses in our network create their own Perks to offer you because they want new customers to stop in and experience their brand. By offering you great deals through My Hot Perks, they know you’ll be prompted to try new local businesses you wouldn’t have tried otherwise or weren’t aware of. It’s so easy because your Perks are all on your phone, so you never forget them! Let your favorite stores, restaurants, and other businesses know about us. It’s super easy to join and start offering Perks of their own.

Super easy mobile browsing & filtering

With our easy mobile app, you won’t be overwhelmed by a ton of offers you’re not interested in seeing. You can easily set the filter, so you’ll only see the Perks you do want. You can also set it for updates, so when your favorite places offer new Perks, you’ll see them right away. And our Perks are simple to redeem right from your phone. Just show the code for your Perk when you checkout. Easy peasy.

Come Join Us!

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